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Roche - Roche Rapide F1 EVO2 1/10 Competition F1 Car Kit, USA Spec (152020)

Roche - Roche Rapide F1 EVO2 1/10 Competition F1 Car Kit, USA Spec (152020)

  • Brand: Roche
  • Product Code: ROC-152020
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  • US$280.00

<<ROCHE - Rapide F1 EVO2 Features>>

l   New design graphite main chassis, lower pod plate, rear pod plate, front lower arm, caster adjust plate,  top deck, chassis brace, upper pod plate, battery holder.

l   New design chassis allow to adjusts the wheelbase of the front suspension in +/- 5mm.

l   New design graphite top deck to improve chassis flex and chassis support when on powering. Two damper positions selectable on top deck.

l   New design 7075 aluminum front bulkhead to connect upper and lower arm.

l   New design 7075 aluminum servo mount.  Servo position changeable for weight balance.

l   New design steering arm mount, easy ackerman adjustment.

l   New design camber and caster adjust plate, five difference camber angle and four angle caster angle selectable.

l   New design DVS-V3 center damper.  Quick rear droop adjustment.

l   New design more friction side tube.

l   New design motor mount and rear bulkhead.  Red/Black two tones anodize.

l   New design center pivot system.  High / lower pivot position selectable.

l   New designed independent wing mount system.  Seven rear wing position selectable.

l   New design o-ring type battery mounting chassis brace.  3 position forward / backward selectable.

l   2.25mm USA high grade graphite materials and 2.0mm high grade 7075 aluminum materials

l   Narrow design main chassis and side link mount, reduce chassis scrubbing in high speed corners.

l   2.5mm USA high grade stiff graphite upper and lower suspension arms.

l   Caster adjustable : 3.5/6.0/8.5/11 deg.

l   Front camber adjustable.

l   Ackerman adjustable.

l   Chassis Wheelbase adjustable (+/-5mm).

l   Low friction coating aluminum pivot balls and ball studs.

l   Polished kingpin.

l   Hard coated aluminum steering turnbuckle (M3x39mm)

l   Big bore short center damper and 20mm short spring.

l   Cross-chassis alignment battery placement

l   7075 aluminum easy adjust side spring holder

l   7075 aluminum motor mount and left rear bulkhead

l   7075 aluminum main shaft holder, precise adjustment ride height by spacers.  +/-1mm forward/backward main shaft position adjustment. 

l   Rear wing position quick adjustment.

l   High precision ball differential with 5mm thrust ball bearing as more smooth and reliable.

l   Clamp type aluminum left wheel rear adaptor.

l   Weight reduced steel main shaft.

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