Roche - Rapide P12 EVO2 DVS-W2 Shock Set (310250)

Roche - Rapide P12 EVO2 DVS-W2 Shock Set (310250)
Brand: Roche
Product Code: ROC-310250


Package included :

S10151 Rapide Aluminium DVS-W Shock Body 1
S10152 Rapide Aluminium DVS-W Shock Cap 1
S10153 Rapide Aluminium DVS-W Spring Adjuster 1
S10010 Rapide Aluminium DVS-W Shock Bottom Cap 1
S10176 Rapide Aluminium DVS-W Shock Spring Retainer (2mm offset) 1
S40172 M11x13x1 O-ring 1
S40135 Rapide Micro Shock Bottom O-ring Guard 1
S40156 Rapide DVS-W Shock POM Pistion (2 Holes) 1
S30159 Rapide DVS-W Shock Shaft 1
S40293 4.8x10mm Plastic Ball Cup 2
S40160 Rapide DVS-W Shock Body Oil Sealer Cap 1
S40046 M2x6x1 O-ring 1
S30163 DVS-W Center Damper Spring (Hard) 1
S30014 M3x3mm Set Screw 1
S30017 M1.5 E-Clip 1




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