Destiny - RX-10SR 2.0 Conversion Kit to RX-10F 2.0 (DRX-00009)

Brand: Destiny Japan
Product Code: DRX-00009


RX-10SR 2.0 CONVERT TO RX-10F 2.0


Package No. Description Quantity
D10072 20T Fixed Pulley 1
D10089 2x12mm Shaft Pin 1
D10090 M5 E-Clip 1
D10091 Aluminum 4.3x10.8 Ballstud 1
D10093 Aluminum 4.3x11.8 Ballstud 2
D10098 O-Ring for Drive Shaft 5
D10102 M3x6 Flathead Screw 2
D10103 M3x8 Flathead Screw 2
D10104 M3x10 Flathead Screw 2
D10106 M2x5 Roundhead Screw 1
D10107 M3x4 Roundhead Screw 3
D10108 M3x6 Roundhead Screw 2
D10109 M3x8 Roundhead Screw 2
D10113 M3x4 Set Screw 1
D10114 M3x8 Set Screw 1
D10127 5x9x3 Ball Bearing (Rubber Seal) 2
D10195 M3x10 Roundhead Screw 2
D10244 Aluminum Bellcrank Post 1
D10275 3mm Spacer 10
DF10022 RX-10FF Rear Axle 2
DF10024 Flex Adjustment Nut 1
DF10029 Plastic Battery Mount 1
DF10044 RX-10F 2.0 Main Chassis (2.25mm Graphite) 1
DF10045 RX-10F 2.0 Upper Deck (2.0mm Graphite) 1
DF10046 Aluminum Motor Mount 1
DF10047 Aluminum Solid Layshaft Bulkhead 1
DF10048 Drive Belt (354) 1
DF10049 Graphite Front Chassis Stiffner 1
DF10050 M3 Aluminum Insert, Black 6
DF10052 Aluminum Lower Bulkhead (A) 1
DF10053 Aluminum Lower Bulkhead (B) 1
DF10054 RX-10F 2.0 Aluminum Solid Layshaft 1
DF10055 Xenon 64 Pitch 102T Spur Gear 1
DF10056 Aluminum Bellcrank 1
DF10057 Aluminum Ackerman Plate * (0/1.5mm) 1
DF10058 Aluminum Ackerman Plate ** (0.5/1.0mm) 1
DF10059 RX-10F 2.0 Aluminum Steering Mount / Floating Servo Mount 1
DF10060 Graphite Rear Chassis Stiffner 1
DF10061 Urethane Foam Bumper 1
DF10062 Destiny RX-10F 2.0 Front Balance Weight (40g) 2
DF10063 Plastic Front Body Post 2


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