Roche - Rapide F1 Ball Differential Set (410044)

Roche - Rapide F1 Ball Differential Set (410044)
Brand: Roche
Product Code: ROC-410044



Package contents

B10002 Bearing, 3/8 x 1/4, Flanged 1
B10003 Bearing, 3/8 x 1/4 2
B10004 1/8" Diff Balls 16
B10011 5x10x4mm Thrust Bearing 1
H10040 M3x4mm Set Screw 1
H10041 M4 Locknut, Thin (Steel) 1
H10042 2x14mm Pin 1
S40132 10x8x1 O-ring 1
T10012 2.5mm Axle Collar 1
T10019 Aluminum Differential Hub 1
T10021 Aluminum Wheel Lock 1
T10023 1.0mm Axle Collar 1
T10032 Diff Thrust Bearing Washer 1
T30006 4mm Belleville Washer 2
T30008 D-Drive Ring 2
T30018 Rapide F1-16 Differential Lightweight Steel Rear Axle Set 1
T40041 DD 64 Pitch 88T Spur Gear 1

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